About us

What is Schedu.land?

Schedu.land is a clean website whose content changes every minute. Anyone can purchase a time space (from one minute long) and use it to show something to the world. Schedu.land page will show that content every year during that time space. You will be the unique owner of your time spaces, so it is a good that will earn value every year if you purchase it forever.

This can be used as an original gift (give that special moment to that special person), as a way to promote a product/brand, to show your work to the whole world, etc.

Ownership is determined by a certificate linked to an email address. While you own that email address you'll own the time space. After a purchase, you'll receive that certificate so you can justify the ownership and use it as a present or whatever.

As this is a worldwide service, it is important to note that we check time spaces carefully. In case we detect non appropiate content in a time space it will be banned. Repeated violations of our policy may block your account. Please read our terms and conditions carefully before purchasing time spaces.

Terms and conditions

This service is offered under the following conditions:

Understanding and accepting them is required to purchase time spaces in Schedu.land.


You can use the following email addresses to be in contact with us:

Our team will answer as soon as possible.


Here are some frequent asked questions:

What language should I use in my time spaces?

It is up to you. Just keep in mind that the whole world will see your content during your time space. Using English is a good option to reach more people, but it is not required.

Can I modify the content of my time spaces?

Of course! Time spaces can be modified from your profile. Every time space is assigned to an email address, so you can login with the same address you used to buy the time space and modify whatever you want.

Can I renounce to a time space?

You can renounce, of course. From your profile, you can remove any of your time spaces. But before doing it remember that you can modify them. Maybe changing the content is what you want, instead of renouncing.

Can I change the email address assigned to a time space?

No. Time spaces cannot be transferred to other owners, as the owner is determined by the original email address used to purchase it.

What you can do is to renounce to the time space so it can be purchased again using the new email address.

Do I have to pay every year?

No. Our time spaces are sold by mean of single one-time payments. Once you've purchased an space, it will be yours with no extra payments or hidden costs.

Who will see the content of a time space?

Schedu.land content does not change depending on location, so the same content is seen at the same time from all over the world. Can you imagine how many people will see your message?

What happens with timezones?

During the purchase, you'll select your time space start and finish times. That times are based on your location and respected every year. Of course, in other country hours or minutes can be different. But you don't have to worry about that.

What happens if I die?

When you purchase a time space forever and set its content, it will be yours. No matter if you die as payments take place only once during the purchase. Your content will never be removed.